First column on Christmas wars 2006
creches the goal is to education about religious faiths and traditions. (3) "Free standing creches, as
About those 'secular' menorahs
creches trees, menorahs, creches, angels, ears of corn, Santa statues, plastic snowmen and a host of other
Deja vu Nativity wars
multicultural committee set up a display with a creche, a menorah and a Kwanzaa scene, she noted, writing members who nixed a creche on public land, next to a holiday tree and a city-owned menorah. This gets complicated. Officials offered to allow a creche in a city park next to a menorah used in rites by the totally secular decorations on it is not a Christian symbol." Not all creche controversies are created principal panicked and ordered only the creche removed. The message in the original, diverse display, she
Occupy Advent 2012 (Let's ask Siri)
to put up your Christmas creche. It's something else to go ahead and put the baby Jesus in the manger
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